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IdHAIR Sweden is a company that is part of the much larger IdHAIR-concern with its headquarters in Aarhus Denmark.

IdHAIR Denmark started as a small wholesaler in 1987 and has since developed into one of Denmark’s leading companies in the hairdressing industry.


For many years we have relied on nature’s own elements to give us nourishment and protection. With the help of science, you can now rely on our Element series. With over 60 years of experience in professional hair care and knowledge of the rapidly changing technology, we have been looking for a solution that can repair, rebuild and provide a healthier and better looking hair. We have found the solution right outside our own front door: Nordic cotton. This natural cotton growing in Scandinavia, has a great feature, it delivers weightless moisture and is at the same time mildly cleansing. Combined with a stylish, modern Scandinavian design, we have created IdHAIR Elements.


Is our unique blend of Nordic cotton, wheat proteins and UVA / B filter, which gives the hair nutrition and protection against environmental, chemical and mechanical damage. The series makes the choice easy for your hair – inspired by the earth’s precious metals.


Belonger is a new series that is designed especially for those with long hair or extensions and want to nurture it in the best way.

The series includes shampoo and conditioner, heat protecting spray, styling oil with silicone and a hand – hair cream that is absolutely stunning.