American Crew


American Crew, a leader in hair care for men, offers a series of professional hair care products specifically designed for men. American Crew stands, not only for quality hair care products, but also for hairstyles for the modern man in the 2000’s.



Define, articulate, state, explain, verbalize, enact, express – who you are. Create attitude! – d:fi is attitude. Hardware for digital kids – digs. Uncrackable code for errant hair. Resistant to both hackers and radiation. A very expressive and new series for young individualists from American Crew. The name d:fi comes from the word “modify”. The concept has been to produce a simple product series that can create and bring out every individual’s ways to express themselves. The young clientele who have taken the brand to themselves have begun to associate d:fi with the word “defiant”, which is about going against the norm. A development of the brand in line with d:fi’s own vision. Or as they put it: so, as you go forward in life, we encourage you to: d:fi stereotypes. d:fi homogenizaton. d:fi the status quo. d:fi who you are today and become the person you want to be tomorrow. Most importantly… Have fun with who you are and don’t take things too seriously. It’s important.