The story behind Sebastian’s styling series begins in California in the 1970’s, when John Sebastian and his wife Geri Cusenza, who owned a salon there, started to make hairstyles of their own kind. It began with the invention of the straightener and crimping iron after Geri tried to style Barbara Streisand’s hair a whole day. Their visions later developed into one of the world’s most famous and exclusive hair care series, Sebastian Professional.

Today Sebastian’s products are used by stylists worldwide, and the series presents a wide range of products in everything related to hair care. Sebastian professional today consists of 4 different product series: Foundation, Flow, Form and Flaunt.


The most important base is a workable shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair. VOLUPT – for fine hair that needs volume without astringency. LIGHT – normal hair. HYDRE – for hair that is a little thicker and needs a lot of moisture. PENETRAIT – for hair that is chemically treated and weakened. TRILLIANT – for hair that need extra shine.


Styling products that provides a natural and nurturing feeling. Potion 9 is many people’s favourite and has been around for many years, a caring styling cream with 9 different proteins that work and protect your hair until the next shampooing. Flow has 6 products.


Styling products with more consistency for you to be creative and to feel that your styling holds. The Volupt spray that gives volume without astringency, everyone’s favourite and Sebastian’s best seller – Shaper hairspray is available in three different strengths. Form has 12 products.


Styling products that provides heat protection and incredible shine. Good when you need to use heat tools like a straightener or crimping iron. Flaunt has 5 products.